Berhan Ethiopia

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Berhan Ethiopia Cultural Center


The Other Face of Ethiopia (TOFOE) founded the Berhan Ethiopia Cultural Center in 2004 as part of its continued efforts to promote Ethiopian culture. It was established in order to introduce, preserve, and display the rich and diverse history and culture of Ethiopia to the world. The center aims to show the beauty of all the various ethnic groups which make up the Ethiopian identity, while also looking at Ethiopia’s past and present in order to build a better future for the country. For 27 years, TOFOE has been working to promote Ethiopian culture around the world, conducting cultural seminars, fashion shows, artifact displays, theater productions, musical performances, and ceremonies focusing on sharing culinary delicacies.

The Berhan Ethiopia Cultural Center is dedicated to informing, educating, and inspiring visitors through a unique experience of Ethiopian history and culture. Founder and Executive Director of TOFOE and the Berhan Ethiopia Cultural Center Sabella Belaynesh Abay has the following message.

In my eyes, Ethiopia, my beloved country, is a colorful tibeb (the embroidery typically bordering the hem of the traditional Ethiopian dress)woven by an experienced hand. My nation is a land of many ethnicities and a long history. I am proud of all that is my country. I ask you to work with mefor a better understanding of our culture, identity, and history. Let us be proud of our past and preservethe achievements of our ancestors.

The Other Face of Ethiopia- TOFOE is the initial cultural organization that Mrs. Sabela Belaynesh Abay Kassa founded in 2004 in Peru, Lima. Subsequent to its foundation, she received recognition and provided legal permit and began promoting the positive cultural, historical and tourism images of Ethiopia in the United States, United Kingdom and Greece. After she came to Ethiopia, her initial dream was to build the Center at Mount Entoto, on the northern periphery of the city of Addis Ababa and thus promote the culture and history of the different nations and nationalities of Ethiopia in a broader representation at a spacious center.

However, due to different problems that had hindered the implementation of the project, she has not as yet realized her dream of establishing the initial project, but she has eventually managed to establish the Berhan Ethiopia Cultural Center PLC that will serve as a miniature replica depicting at one place the cultural wealth and values of the people of Ethiopia.

A few sites you will find at the Center

PA Tukul (gojo) is built with its own fence inside the compound of the Center, the wall plastered by mud to depict the workmanship used for making traditional living quarters of Ethiopians.

The traditional house of Tigray built in the compound is modernized whilst remaining authentic preserving its original essence.

Towards the right side of the gate the enclave of the Center is built with artistic stone and steel structures containing pillars built at different intervals. Grass cupolas are used to clad the 17 pillars of the fence of the Center.

Our vision is to become a leading center in Ethiopia that promotes the different cultures of the country and to see Brehan Ethiopia Cultural Center equipped with the necessary artifacts and latest technologies and become the most preferred center to visit.

Our mission is to contribute to the various endeavors of preserving and promoting the historical and cultural heritage of the different nations and nationalities of Ethiopia both at local and international levels. We recognize that artisans are the source of cultural heritage as they are creators of valuable traditional artifacts. Effective preservation of cultural heritage is a result of various activities including value creation by using different channels including tourism.

  • Conduct cultural seminars, symposiums, conferences
  • Organize art exhibitions
  • Organize fashion shows of the traditional and modern outfits of the different nations and nationalities.
  • Serve a variety of traditional dishes
  • Organize traditional music and dances of the different Nations and Nationalities
  • Organize traditional wedding, birthdays, anniversaries and other events
  • Design and consult on the interiors of houses to be constructed from traditional/cultural materials

  • Traditional Ethiopian dishes (breakfast, lunch, dinner) to be accompanied by Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. This package can include the performing of traditional musicians (Azmari) and cultural dances.
  • Four times a year cultural events will be organized that aim to create more understanding about Ethiopia’s diverse culture and its historical heritages.
  • Once in three weeks, coffee mornings are organized that will make a platform available for discussion on different social topics.
  • With special order given and with the objective of promoting Ethiopian beverages ‘Tella’, ‘Tej’ ‘Katikala’ and ‘Birz’ will be prepared especially for wedding ceremonies and other special occasions.
  • With prior orders given authentic Ethiopian flavors including butter with organic spices will be prepared.
  • To inspire the younger generation to know/learn in depth about the cultures heritages and traditional as well as historical values of their country a visit to the Center by students of different schools and women of different entities will be organized.