A message from Mrs. Sabela Belaynesh Abay Kassa Founder and Managing Director of the Berhan Ethiopian Cultural Center PLC .

Ethiopia is an ancient country with rich history and culture dating back to the past millennia. People refer Ethiopia as a mosaic of peoples with varied cultures and traditions due to its ethnic diversity. Its nations and nationalities speak more than 80 different languages. Two of the world's major religions (Christianity and Islam) and other less-known faiths are practiced in the country.

Thanks to its old age, rich history and culture, Ethiopia has a legacy of valuable cultural and historical assets. The numerous tangible and intangible assets of the country preserved for centuries and throughout the distant millennia are highly valued by its peoples. However, very few of these assets got national and global recognitions. As of September 2012, UNESCO has registered nine of Ethiopia’s heritage sites in its World Heritage Sites List. Efforts are underway to identify and register additional tangible and intangible heritage of the country and make them known to the wider public both at national and global levels.

In the past two decades, I had exerted significant efforts to promote the cultures and historical values of the different nations and nationalities of Ethiopia with great passion and determination. At this stage of development, I have finally realized my dream of founding the Berhan Ethiopia Cultural Center PLC, the first of its kind to promote the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the different nations and nationalities of Ethiopia.

Berhan Ethiopia is the progeny of The Other Face of Ethiopia – TOFOE, the initial cultural organization that I founded in 2004 in Peru, Lima. The organization had then received recognition and provided legal permit subsequently enabling me to promote the positive cultural, historical and tourism images of Ethiopia in the United States, United Kingdom and Greece.

After I returned to my country my dream was to build the Center at Mount Entoto to promote the culture and history of the different nations and nationalities of Ethiopia in a broader representation at a spacious center as well as for utilizing it as one resource that generates foreign currency for the country. Nevertheless, due to different problems, I was not able to realize my initial dream and I am still hopeful that I will realize my dream working hand in hand with my fellow countrymen. Thanks to all the officials and individuals who provided me every support eventually I have managed to open the Berhan Ethiopia Cultural Center plc.

The Center has varied cultural programs to implement based on the premise of promoting, preserving and interpreting the rich cultural values of the peoples of Ethiopia. In this respect, I have been enjoying and benefiting from the support, consultation, and impetus provided to me by all those concerned - a reality that truly has led towards the successful achievement of my endeavor.

On behalf of my family and myself, I take this initiative, therefore, to extend my gratitude to all of you who stood by our side that led to the realization of my dream of founding the Center. As usual, I look forward to receiving your comment, advice and criticism catering towards making the Center as a resource base from where we can together promote the history and the culture of our country. Thank you and the Almighty God Bless You!!
Sabela Belaynesh Abay Kassa