In Memory of my Father Dejazmach AbayKassa who taught me to respect and love my country unconditionally (1991-1977)? .

Dejazmach Abay Kassa was born in 1984 (?) at Adwa in the Administrative Region of Tigray. He is a renowned historian who during his adulthood contributed significantly towards the protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country. After the aggression of the enemy starting from the morrow of the liberty of the country participating in different administrative and development initiatives and serving his country for more than half a century he passed away in 1977 (?).

Dejazmach Abay had not only struggled against the aggression of the enemy, he was a patriot who had been appointed to and served at senior level government posts. During the time he served as the Administrator of the then Adwa Awraja he had provided proper support for the Fa Christianity and Islam faiths to prosper together. In his humble view to protect the public from famine and encouraging the need for saving he had banned lavishing and unnecessary spending on remembrance, wedding and other events to the extent of promulgating new proclamation. With the view he had for the expansion of education, he had given a plot for the construction of the Queen of Sheba School thereby others to follow suit of his dedication for the growth of education. In respect with encouraging the public to protect the environment, he had taught cutting trees being illegal.

During the time he had worked as the Administrator of the then Arsi and Ticho Weredas, he had mobilized the public and constructed roads that connected the cities with other towns and Weredas and thereby he had made the expansion of trade possible amongst the people of the area. Expending his own finance and constructing a health center, in addition to enabling the health of the people to be maintained, he is a development patriot who had made education to be expanded in the Zone.