The Other Face of Ethiopia

The Other Face of Ethiopia

The Other Face of Ethiopia (TOFOE) was launched in Lima, Peru in 1987 by Mrs. Sabella Belaynesh Abay, and it is currently operating in The United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Greece. It is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the exposure and preservation of Ethiopia identity. The organization works to shed light on the parts of the country which are not covered on media outlets; a story of cultural and social unity, and of historical identity.

For over 27 years, TOFOE has been working to introduce Ethiopia’s national, historical, and cultural values to audiences both within the country and around the globe. In addition to the founding and establishment of the Berhan Ethiopia Cultural Center, TOFOE has been working under the mantra of “national image building,” with a plan to establish a cultural village. The village is intended to be built up on the Northern mountain of Addis Ababa (Entoto).


The Other Face of Ethiopia- TOFOE is the initial cultural organization that Mrs. Sabela Belaynesh Abay Kassa founded in 2004 in Peru, Lima. Subsequent to its foundation, she received recognition and provided legal permit and began promoting the positive cultural, historical and tourism images of Ethiopia in the United States, United Kingdom and Greece. After she came to Ethiopia, her initial dream was to build the Center at Mount Entoto, on the northern periphery of the city of Addis Ababa and thus promote the culture and history of the different nations and nationalities of Ethiopia in a broader representation at a spacious center.

However, due to different problems that had hindered the implementation of the project, she has not as yet realized her dream of establishing the initial project, but she has eventually managed to establish the Berhan Ethiopia Cultural Center PLC that will serve as a miniature replica depicting at one place the cultural wealth and values of the people of Ethiopia.